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At Zalaxy we operate in a heliocentric model of DevOps. Our clients are at the center of the Zalaxy; of our service, of our commitment to excellence, and of our pledge to constantly exceed their expectations. Our team understands the challenges that growing companies face in providing IT/DevOps services for their products without the exorbitant onsite costs that a full time DevOps team incurs. We live in the Zalaxy of security and support, and work tirelessly to ensure that our clients are provided a worry free environment enabling them to enjoy all the features that their products have to offer.


Jeff Lawniczak

Growing, building, and creating companies that sell tech products that reach millions has been a hallmark of Jeff’s career. Beginning with creating his own engineering consulting firm to working with Fortune 100 companies to build out their engineering teams, Jeff has always been on the forefront of developing and nurturing the talent necessary to insure enormous success in the competitive global marketplace. Understanding the high bar of requirements on engineering along with an enormous respect for one individual to exponentially make a difference, Jeff has always sought the top achiever, the passionate engineer, the self-motivator, the team player and mentor who strives to make a difference. This is the team he is building at Zalaxy and the team that he sees as capable of managing and operating the infrastructure that our clients place in Zalaxy’s hands.

Joel Griffiths

Joel has been on the cutting edge of technology on the engineering side for over twenty-five years. His strength and expertise has been in building large scalable systems where he was responsible for the growth from eighty thousand users to over twelve million within a time span of a few years. Optimization, scalability, systems management, deployment, architecture, in a variety of environments. His in-depth knowledge of large infrastructure design and operations has led his teams to achieve enormous success. Joel also has intimate knowledge of building, scaling, and operating in the cloud constantly seeking new ways to improve performance while increasing automation. He brings his years of commitment to success and dedication to our clients while overseeing the technical infrastructure and engineering teams at Zalaxy.

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